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mailing na rynkach międzynarodowych

Mailing campaigns on international market

Do you already run successful mailing campaigns within your local market? That’s great! Then you have the basics covered and are ready to head out onto the deep water and start marketing through email abroad. However, you should keep in mind that mailing campaigns on the international market may differ from those carried out in your country. You must therefore adjust your marketing communication strategy accordingly. How to do it? What do you need to think about? You will learn about it in the article below!

The legal regulations

Before you start tailoring your mailing campaigns to specific countries, you should pay attention to a very important aspect – the legal regulations. It is extremely important that your campaigns and all promotions comply with the regulations existent in given country. Pay attention to aspects such as: processing of personal data, rules on obtaining databases, policy regarding the use of cookies and issues regarding the possibility of unsubscribing from receiving commercial information from your company. Before you move on to adjusting your mailing campaigns to the international markets, you must start by making sure that all your actions are in accordance the law!Read More »Mailing campaigns on international market