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Clients about us 

For several years, Ms. Katarina has been regularly conducting workshops at the University of Silesia on the specifics of the Swedish market and the codes of Swedish business culture, which are very popular among our students of Swedish philology. Her vast experience in the international labor market and excellent knowledge of business culture, always supported by practical examples from real life, allow our students to better understand the principles of business prevailing on the Scandinavian markets. Mrs. Katarina performs perfectly in the role of a trainer and teacher, adapting classes and their program to the needs of the group and establishing great contact with students. By sharing her knowledge, she can successfully engage every participant of the course. Her classes are always very well prepared and conducted at the highest level in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, which is also confirmed by surveys conducted among our students, who appreciate the professionalism and passion of Ms. Katarina for what she is certainly an expert in. We look forward to continuing our partnership with Evolve Enterprise and look forward to the next session of the workshop led by Ms. Katarina.

Adam Wojtczak

Lecturer of the Swedish language at the University of Silesia, Katowice, Poland 

Ms. Katarina has cooperated with the consulate on assignments related to translations as well as participated in our program “Swedish Standard”, supporting Polish exports. The program is implemented by the Science and Technology Park Silesia in Katowice operating at the Technical College in Katowice and is supported by the consulate. Ms. Katarina provided consulting services for Polish companies interested in expanding to Swedish market and acquiring Swedish business partners. Ms. Katarina holds a wide and very useful knowledge in areas related to differences in business culture and her practical experience, tips and advice provide very strong support in this type of endeavors.

Wojciech Wasilewski

secretary of Swedish honorary consulate Katowice, Poland

I definitely recommend tutorials with Katarina! From our first lesson I spoke only Swedish, which allowed me to start thinking in this language. During a period of one year, I raised my supply of actively used and passively understood words to a level that allowed me to carry out job interview in Sweden without feeling uncomfortable – I am currently working as a resident doctor at the University Hospital in Uppsala. I have had several teachers, but without any doubt I can say that Katarina is the best Swedish teacher in Silesia area.

Karol Stefanczyk

resident doctor University Hospital Uppsala, Sweden

I worked with Ms. Katarina introducing my company and trainings to the Swedish market. Ms. Katarina helped in the development, translation and adaptation of training materials specifically for the Swedish recipient, especially paying attention to some cultural codes about which I was not fully aware, and which ignored, would probably lead to a negative perception of the message content by the Swedish client.
Thanks to her contacts, I have the opportunity to directly reach a group of clients interested in my trainings. Ms. Katarina is a trustworthy person – very reliable and professional approach to work makes cooperation with her worth recommending!

Jacek Ponikiewski

CEO International Academy of Progress


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