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Why is working in international teams so beneficial?

Work in international teams is no longer exclusively a domain of large corporations. Progressing globalization is also gradually opening smaller businesses to foreign markets. Additionally, from year to year representatives of other nationalities and cultures enrich companies based in, for example Poland. This trend will continue in the coming years – and it is very good news!

Polish companies willingly employ foreigners, being aware about the new trends in most industries are that are reaching us from the West. What’s more, a multicultural team translates into an increased prestige of the company and indicates its openness to global standards. The growing interaction between Poles and other cultures is also a result of their dream about a career abroad or desire to engage in international projects while remaining in Poland. Each of these paths leads through numerous challenges related to fitting in a multicultural environment, but it also brings many significant benefits …

Advantages of working in a multicultural team

Working in international companies prepare, above all, for future work abroad. It is beneficial for professional development in many fields, including ability to cooperate despite of distance, conduct negotiations or simply – to get along.

What it also teaches, is how to be openminded and how not to be too hard on yourself.

At many occasions, people who are shy and rather introvert, in the face of the necessity of finding themselves in a cultural melting pot, begin to shape their character. What is significant, this change trurnes into increased self-confidence and the ability to work in large groups, which may pay off with successes, such as promotion to a managerial position.

Benefits of working in international companies

For many of those who live abroad, working with colleagues of other nationalities is simply very interesting. They often share information about the countries and cultures they come from, exchange travel tips and experiences or even recipes for local dishes. But above all, they educate each other all the time, which can be extremely fascinating.

However, we should not forget that:

working in multinational environments, although it brings many benefits, requires specific knowledge and a specific approach.

Mastering a foreign language is only half the battle. The other half is the competences needed to work in a foreign environment. It is very important to know the business culture, mentality and habits of the people with whom we have the opportunity to work, otherwise there is a risk that we quickly can get discouraged, and in doing so – dismiss our professional success.

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